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Catheter Technologies + Image Guided Therapies



INKA Team 2018

INKA Team August 2018



SUMMER SCHOOL || from 15th to 22nd July, 2019

 Flyer Summer School 2019


Advanced diagnostic imaging systems like Ultrasound (US), 2D and 3D X-Ray (XR), Endoscopy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), molecular Imaging (NUK), and others are commonly used to assess the clinical condition.

They could, however, also be used as guiding tools for minimal-invasive and intra-operative therapy procedures.

It is the goal of our research to create image guided therapy systems and accessories in very close collaboration with the clinicians. Magdeburg with its research campus STIMULATE and the nearby university clinic provide an ideal environment for the translational research - from bench to bedside and back to bench.

Our interdisciplinary approach includes Innovation Generation with the clinicians and subsequent close collaboration and transfer of the technologies to industrial partners.

The endowed chair was made possible by the donations of the Sponsors, the BMBF INNOPROFILE and the work of Prof. Bertram Schmidt and Prof. Georg Rose.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Prof. Dr. Michael Friebe