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Catheter Technologies + Image Guided Therapies



Below you find a comprehensive list of our INKA labs. If you are interested working with any of these devices, please don't hesitate to contact us. 



- GE Logiq E9

- GE Venue 50

- GE Logiq e


- MRI US Fusion

- probe tracking

- 3D reconstruction


Contact: Alexander van Oepen, Axel Boese

MRI (Benchtop system)

- Pure devices 0.55T MagSpec



- Sequence development

- Material characterization

- Artefact assessment


Contact: Johannes Krug



- Carbon nano tubes (KAIST, Corea)

- Moxtek tubes

- 60 kV DC power supply (Matusada)

- PTW Unidose E Dosimeter

- Flat panel detector



- Therapeutic applications

- CT reconstruction


 Contact: Alexander van Oepen, Robert Odenbach



- Olympus EVIS Exera III CV-190

- Olympus ESG 400

- Olympus KV-5


- Blood vessel imaging

- Endoscopy guided ablation therapy

Contact: Axel Boese


Gamma camera

- SurgicEye Declipse S

Contact: Alexander van Oepen


Photo dynamic therapy (PDT)

Experimental, custom build setup


Contact: Alfredo Illanes


Mechanics and electronics

- Formlabs Form 2 SLA-Printer

- Felix Pro 2 FDM-Printer

- UV-A-curing box (wave length 375 nm)

- Soldering station

- Proxxon mini milling machine

- Air compressor (max. 8 bar, 89 L/min)

- Vacuum pump

- Micro Epsilon ILR1181-30 Laser-distance

  measuring device

- Fluke 419D Laser-distance measuring device

- Fluke 62 MAX+ infrared thermometer

- Lego Mindstorms NXT

- item-profile system in aluminium and plastic

- Thread cutting tools

- Tools for mechanics and electronics




Robert Odenbach (



Other medical and technical engineering labs (partly in collaboration with the Forschungscampus STIMULATE and other OvGU institutions)



- 3T Siemens Skyra System


X-Ray / Angio suite

- Siemens Artis Zeego


Rapid prototyping lab (3D printing)


- Professional 3D-Printing

- 3D-Scanning


Contact: Robert Odenbach, Axel Boese