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Catheter Technologies + Image Guided Therapies

Student Projects

open = Project is available

asap = Project can start As Soon As Possible

WIP = Work on project is currently In Progress / dependent availability

Last update: 22.01.2018

CT image acquisition and reconstruction (Shiras Abdurahman)


Open Thesis Preprocessing of projection images for X-ray tomographic reconstruction Abdurahman asap
Open Thesis Calibration of flat panel detector X-ray CT Abdurahman asap
Open Thesis Limited angle reconstruction for X-ray CT Abdurahman asap



Medical devices, catheters, mechanics and endoscopic imaging (Axel Boese, Michael Friebe)

Open Thesis Usability and Design improvement for Ultrasound guidance system  Boese asap
WIP Thesis Force sensor for guide wires Boese asap
Open Thesis Development of an Revolving Biopsy Gun Boese asap
Open Thesis MR compatible RFA needle Boese asap
WIP Thesis X-ray beam shaping mechanism for intraoperative radiation therapy for accurate tumor mapping and optimized radiation delivery Boese WIP
WIP Thesis Design and development of an MR compatible injector Boese WIP
WIP Thesis Setup of a vascular endoscopy system Boese WIP
WIP Thesis Manufacturing set up for  micro catheters Boese WIP
WIP Project Safe Heart - auscultation of the blood flow Boese asap
Open Thesis Endoscope fixation and adaption system for ent interventions Boese asap
Open Thesis Lymph node biopsy gun Boese asap
Open Project Needle holder for MRI Interventions Boese asap
WIP Thesis Low cost mobile X-ray system for Orthopedics Boese WIP
Open   Steerable catheter tip with multy layer approach Boese asap
Open   Seed Delivery catheter Boese asap
Open   Flexible multi modality endoscope Boese asap
Open   Vascular Phantom - Thinwall silicone Boese asap
Open   Exoskeleton for Hip support  Boese asap


Open Thesis Table for CT interventions Friebe asap
Open Thesis Entwicklung und Ausbau der Netzwerk-Strategie von INKA Friebe asap
Open Thesis Steerable NITIONAL guidewire using external magnetic fields Friebe asap
Open Thesis Combined Xray and detector system for Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) and EM Tracking Friebe asap

Image and signal processing, tracking technologies, MRI and materials, RFA (E. AtaideA. IllanesJ. Krug, T. Sühn, J. Ziegle)


Open Thesis Feature Extraction From Planar Femoral X-rays using Machine Learning Approaches Ataide asap
Open Thesis Thermoelectric energy-harvesting for application in medical implants Sühn  asap
Open Thesis Optical and inertial sensor fusion for tracking of medical instruments and procedures Sühn  asap 
Open Thesis Sensing of acoustic emissions and signals for health / condition assessment of human joints Sühn  asap 
Open Thesis Optical sensor based depth feedback system for needle interventions Ziegle  asap 
Open Thesis Acuracy evaluation of  tracking methods for 3D ultrasound reconstruction Krug, Ziegle asap
Open Thesis Development of a MRI compatible Audio Transmission system with noise cancelling capabilities Illanes asap
Open Thesis Quantitative artifact assessment in a 0.5 Tesla mini MRI benchtop scanner Illanes asap
Open Thesis Photodynamic Therapy applicator Illanes asap
Open Thesis Denoising capacitive ECG signals acquired during MRI exams Krug, Illanes asap
Open Thesis Design of a capacitive electrode mattress for non-contact patient monitoring during MRI Krug asap
Open Thesis Experimental setup for new RFA methods Krug asap
Open Thesis MagReMon - MRI-Magnet Remote Monitoring Krug asap
Open Thesis Temperature Monitoring for RFA Krug asap
Open Thesis Development and evaluation of a MR-safe and Laser based System for measuring Respiratory Motion Krug asap



Projects related to interventional MRI and mechanical engineering (Robert Odenbach)


Open all

Entwicklung und Evaluation einer intuitiven Instrumentensteuerungskonsole

Development and evaluation of a console for intuitive instrument control

Odenbach asap
Open all

Entwicklung und Evaluation eines generativ gefertigten, nachgiebigen und kostengünstigen Kopfphantoms

Development and evaluation of a generatively fabricated, flexible and low-cost head phantom

Odenbach asap
Open all

Entwicklung und Evaluation eines kostengünstigen Tauchbad-SLA-Druckers

Development and evaluation of a low-cost Top-down-SLA-printer

Odenbach asap
WIP MA-Thesis

Entwicklung und Evaluation eines flexiblen und minimalinvasiven Tumorextraktors

Development and evaluation of a flexible and minimal invasive tumor extractor

Odenbach -
WIP MA-Thesis

Entwicklung und Evaluation von MRT-kompatiblen, pneumatischen Motoren

Development and evaluation of MRI compatible pneumatic Motors

Odenbach -
Open all

Entwicklung und Evaluation eines entfaltbaren Trägersystems für Instrumente (z.B. Kamera)

Development and evaluation of an expandable carrier system for instruments (e.g. camera)

Odenbach asap
WIP MA-Research Track

Entwicklung und Evaluation eines visuellen Biofeedback-Systems zur Atembewegung im MRT

Development and evaluation of a visual biofeedback system for respiratory motion in MRI     

Odenbach -
WIP MA-Thesis

Entwicklung und Evaluation eines Software-basierten Algorithmus zur automatisierten Erkennung der Bildmarkerausrichtung im MRT-Schichtbild

Development and evaluation of a software-based algorithm for the automated alignment-detection of fiducial markers in MR-images

Odenbach -
WIP MA-Thesis

Entwicklung und Evaluation eines MRT-kompatiblen Atembewegungsphantoms

Development and evaluation of an MRI compatible respiratory motion phantom

Odenbach -
WIP BA-Thesis

Entwicklung und Evaluation von fernsteuerbaren und MRT-kompatiblen Assistenz- und Instrumentenführungssystemen

Development and evaluation of remotely controllable and MRI compatible assistance and instrument guidance devices

Odenbach -
Open all

Entwicklung und Evaluation eines MRT-kompatiblen Systems zur Instrumentennachführung bei Atembewegung

Development and evaluation of an MRI compatible autotracking system for respiratory motion

Odenbach asap
Open all

Immer: Ihr persönlicher Projektvorschlag – bewerben Sie sich gern auch mit Ihrer eigenen Idee!

Always: Your personal project proposal - feel free to apply with your own idea!

Odenbach asap



Medical imaging physics and radiation therapy (Ali Pashazadeh)

Open Thesis Development of a novel 3D printing system for the radio-therapeutic purposes Pashazadeh, Boese asap
WIP Thesis Development and evaluation of an Intraoperative imaging system based on miniaturized x-ray tubes van Oepen asap
WIP Research Track Intraoperative ultrasound transducer for therapy delivery van Oepen asap
 Open Thesis/Research Track Development and evaluation of a Brachytherapy catheter (Singleballoon and Doubleballoon) van Oepen asap



Depending on the selected topic, an adjustment to bachelor or master thesis or for a student job is possible! Don't hestitate to contact us when you are interested and want to have information for one or more topics. Many more projects are available on request and your personal interest!


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