Development of Proposal for improvement of Brachytherapy Procedure

Problem:Patient has to be shifted from transport bed to MR/CT table as well as radiation therapy bed. These movement increase risk of catheter movement.

NEED Statement: A multifunctional transport bed with integrated stretcher and vacuum mattress is proposed as a solution.

Beneficiary: Patient, Assistant surgeon, Nurse


  • A vacuum mattress is used for immobilization of the patient in case of spine injury. Also ensures patient's stabilization due to simple slats and strap.
  • A slightly bigger than normal size stretcher is constructed so that the patient can be positioned on the top of the operation/transport bed and then the whole construction would be moved slowly down to the operation table without shaking.
  • A vacuum mattress is added on the surface of the stretcher in order to keep the patient lying in stable position.


  • Movement of catheter caused by carrying patient and patient motion can be avoided.
  • Lesser chance of injury during transporting patient from one bed to another
  • Less workload on nurse and other medical staff at OR during surgery

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