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Project_Id Project Name Year ROI Imaging Modality Value
1 Development of Proposal for improvement of Brachytherapy Procedure 2015ENTRadiology17
2 Automated C Arm movement system 2015NeurologyCT22
3 Endoscopic procedure and tumour treatment in the neck 2015ENTEndoscopy15
4 Urology Observation 2015UrologyLaparoscopy24
5 Angiography :Stenosis in internal carotid artery 2016NeurologyAngiography22
6 Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm 2016EndovascularFluoroscopy18
7 Laryngeal cancerous tissue – biopsy and two other surgeries 2016ENTEndoscopy19
8 ORTHOMETRIC: A procedure oriented measurement streamlining & analysis toolkit 2016OrthopedicsCT20
9 Automatic draining device 2017UrologyResectoscopy20
11 Interventional Orthopaedic Surgery (Total Hip Arthroplasty) 2017OrthopedicsCT21
12 Dialysis: review and innovation 2017UrologyUltrasound21
13 Innovation project for endoscopic ENT surgeries 2017ENTEndoscopy22
14 Da Vinci Robotic Surgery 2018Gastrointestinal systemEndoscopy25
15 Interventional Cardiac Surgery 2018EndovascularAngiography20
16 Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography and Drainage (PTCD) 2018Gastrointestinal systemInterventional MRI19
17 Endoscopic Diagnosis and Therapy, Ear Nose and Throat 2018ENTEndoscopy21
18 High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for prostrate cancer treatment 2019UrologyUltrasound17
20 Interventional Procedures in Nuclear Medicines 2019Gastrointestinal systemRadiation18
21 INTERVENTIONAL CT (COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY) 2019Gastrointestinal systemCT18
22 Integrated endoscope with blood suction function 2019Gastrointestinal systemEndoscopy25
23 roboC: A Robotic C-arm Positioning For Image Guided Surgery 2020EndovascularCT18
24 Endo-Spy: RFID-Based Endoleak Monitor 2020EndovascularRFID20
25 Augmented Reality Trainer for Laparoscopic Surgery 2020Gastrointestinal SystemLaparoscopy19
26 Scanner Tray 2020OrthopedicsRFID21
27 Bronchoscopy 2020EndovascularCT21
28 An autonomous robot- assisted camera guidance system for laparoscopy 2020Gastrointestinal SystemRadiology20
29 SurgeonAssist 2020Gastrointestinal systemRadiology25
30 Orthobot: A next Generation of Orthopedic Surgery 2020OrthopedicsCT23
31 PROFIT: Orthopaedic knee replacement 2020OrthopedicsCT16
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