Debris filter into a Lotus valve system

Problem: An imminent risk of releasing debris into the bloodstream which can potentially block blood flow resulting a cerebrovascular stroke.

NEED Statement: Introduce a model which fuses the debris filter into the Lotus valve system and eliminates the need for more incisions.

Beneficiary: Surgeon, Patient


  • The proposed catheter consists of three layers:
    • 1st layer − balloon catheter with stent and valve mounted
    • 2nd layer − debris filter
    • 3rd layer − filter cover
    • After the stent is approximately in the right position, the third layer starts to pull back. As the third layer uncovers the filter, the filter starts expanding and covers the whole diameter of the Aortic valve.
    • After the filter covers the whole diameter of the Aorta, the balloon starts expanding to place the valve in place. As the calcifications in the old valve are released, they get caught in the filter on their way.
    • The net then can be closed to hold the calcifications while pulling the catheter back out.


    • Only one single filter is used which reduces complexity, expenditure time and cost
    • The filter is contained in the same catheter as the stent, resulting in no need to make more incisions and reducing time and complexity of the procedure

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