Automated gauze counting bin using photoelectric sensor

Problem: Human error of counting number of gauge pads being used during a surgery.

NEED Statement: Introduce a bin attached with photoelectric sensor for counting to reduce human error and workload of nurse

Beneficiary: Surgeon, Circulating nurse, Scrub nurse


  • The photoelectric sensor consists of a receiver and a transmitter
  • When a gauze pad is dropped inside the bin, the light from the transmitter to the receiver gets interrupted
  • This signal triggers the microcontroller to increment the count. The display unit attached to the microcontroller displays the value of number of gauze pads in the bin.
  • An option to reset via microcontroller


  • The photoelectric sensor will assist the nurse to count gauze pad in the bin
  • Less chance of human error as sensor will automatically detect the pads when it falls into the bin
  • Reduced workload for nurse

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