Dialysis: review and innovation

Problem: IV access is not always successful on the first attempt leading to cause complications due to extra attempts by surgeon and extra wounds on patient

NEED Statement: Introduce a system that can integrate ultrasonic imaging smoothly into vascular access procedure.

Beneficiary: Patient, Surgeon, Nurse


  • The system would be composed of: An attachment point for an ultrasound probe, linked to a system capable of performing Doppler ultrasonography to quickly locate and discriminate veins and arteries
  • A needle guide, adjustable in depth and approach angle, able to accommodate needle sizes and formats that are widely used in vascular access. Advancement of the needle would be performed manually
  • An algorithm or add-on to the ultrasound system software, which would compare the diameter of a previously saved target blood vessel to the current image, and inform the system operator if the system is no longer aligned to the center of the target blood vessel.


  • Useful for medical staff for basic access for vascular treatments
  • Reduce complication rate and average procedure time
  • Affordable as it does not contain complex components and ultrasound probes have already achieved widespread deployment in hospitals
  • Market demand is quite large as vascular access is needed in all major surgeries

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