Wearable laser pointer ring

Problem: Surgeon has no gear to point on the video monitor to discuss with his assistants.

NEED Statement: Introduce a wearable and easy to use laser pointer ring to point at the screen while performing surgery.

Beneficiary: Surgeon, Assistant surgeon, Nurse

Description: Salient attributes of the laser pointer ring:

  • Ring: Adjustable with respect to size of the finger and wearable
  • Button: Having buttons on both sides will make it more convenient for the user. It can be pressed by finger on either side
  • Laser: Strong enough to point on the monitor. Class 1 laser ensures safety in all the environments of OR
  • Design: Its design will not affect multitasking of the surgeon, sterilizable and could be used for multiple purposes


  • Time-saving and easy to use device
  • No need to train OR staff prior to surgery
  • Enhances efficiency of overall performance of surgery

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