Flexi-rigid Thoracoscope

Problem:One person (assistant surgeon) required to hold the thoracoscope the whole- resulting time in less DOFs during surgery.

NEED Statement: To implement a rigid body thoracoscope which do not need to be held by another person during surgery and can give more DOFs compared to manual maneuver.

Beneficiary: Surgeon, Assistant surgeon


  • A rigid body to carry optical fibres which will be connected to a camera at the end/tip with a fixed stand holding the thoracoscope
  • The camera is not connected to the rigid body but to the flexible tip of the thoracoscope
  • A mechanical connection is present at the tip, connected to the joystick which controls the movement of the camera present at the top of the Thoracoscope
  • The incision is made into the cavity and a clamp attached to the scope is stuck via glue, which would prevent it from moving during respiration


  • More DOF compared to manual maneuver enabling the images to be viewed from different angles
  • No need to hold the thoracoscope by a human during the whole surgery time
  • Connection to small screen (e.g. Cell phone) to send data in real time
  • Perception of depth can be achieved till some extent

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