Automated C Arm movement system

Problem:Surgeon has to stretch his hand for manipulating C-arm positions and movements.

An infrared LED system to maneuver C-arm position

NEED Statement: Develop an infrared LED system to maneuver C arm position automatically.

Beneficiary:Surgeon, Assistant surgeon


  • For controlling c-arm movements, during the time of image acquisition the relative position of the patient and the C-arm is measured and stored in position memory (in computer).
  • Special cameras are used to accurately track the positions of opto-electronically trackable marker shields containing infrared (IR) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which are affixed to the C-arm.
  • The LEDs on shield are detected by the camera which monitors C-arm movement, position memory calculates the C-arm position in the coordinate space of tracking system.
  • The C-arm movement is then calibrated and registered with the stitched image


  • Allows surgeon to easily manipulate C-arm simply by using the scroll bars on a touch screen.
  • Possible to move the C-arm automatically in desired direction and make exposure with or without contrast agent

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