A four-way adaptor for interventional Procedures in Nuclear Medicines

Problem:Difficult procedure to inject radioactive material into body for Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT).

NEED Statement: A four-way adaptor is designed to perform sandwich technique enabling doctors to not change syringe each time.

Beneficiary: Surgeon, Patient


  • The process is performed in angiographic suite where the angiographic C-arm is used for imaging
  • Inject contrast agent to differentiate between normal liver volume and tumor
  • The sequential administration of contrast medium, followed by glucose solution and then yttrium-90 microspheres then again glucose and contrast medium
  • Take images under guidance of fluoroscopic C-arm


  • This adaptor contains a switch with which doctor can change flow direction and choose required syringe
  • Small and easy to fit for standard size of syringes
  • Reduces setup time for the nurse
  • No need to change syringe every time

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