A movable stretcher for all times

Problem: Uncomfortable position for patient to transfer to second table. Surgeon do not a good ergonomic point of view to perform surgery

NEED Statement: A movable stretcher to transfer patient without any complication.

Beneficiary: Patient, Surgeon

Description: A robotic arm with the following attributes:

  • The table has the ability to be resized in height. Legs of the table are fixed by bolt and nut and can be easily screwed on/off by the operator. The bolted joint also contains gasket which makes it safe when it will be fixed. A rotational small motor is used to change the legs’ position just with a button.
  • The table with wheels moves in rail. The mechanism of the CT table and the caster wheels is in a linear motion
  • When the table is in position the desired distance and the location of CT table can be fixed by means of breaks (manual operation) or an automatically using a simple program and arrow keys.


  • Safer, accurate process requiring a smaller number of people
  • Comfortable for both patient and surgeon
  • Less complicated process saving a huge amount of preparation time

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