An integrated endoscope with blood suction function

Problem:Endoscope has to be taken out of the body and insert a different "rod" to suck up blood which makes the system quite time-consuming and creates a lot of hassle.

NEED Statement: Use a built-in integrated suction pipe within an endoscope to perform such surgery.

Beneficiary: Surgeon, Assistant surgeon, Nurse


  • A two-valve system is used where valve 1 creates high pressure enabling water to be transported into the body at the surgical region and valve 2 uses low pressure enabling blood to be drained out of the surgical region
  • Suction is used to remove blood from the operating region.
  • A rotating fan is used to create a vacuum which sucks in air through suction nozzle at the end of a pipe.


  • Saves extra time and effort making the whole procedure easier for surgeon and assistant surgeons
  • An instant clearer field of view to carry on operation

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