ENDO-SPY: An RFID based Endoleak Monitor

Problem:Patients who undergo Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) has 20-50% of post-surgery endoleaks. It is also required to go through complicated post-surgery check-ups to monitor any complication.

NEED Statement: A specific type of stent that can notify the doctors if it gets misplaced.

Beneficiary: Surgeon, Patient


  • Stent with RFID tag and pressure sensor is installed
  • Sensor detects any increase in blood flow in the Aneurysm sac
  • RFID tag sends a notification to the server/app
  • App/server sends a notification to the doctor

Result: Endoleak detection process becomes easier and stent displacement can be detected immediately. Doctors get data about current status of stent remotely.

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