Automatically registering CT scan data in the Bronchoscopy system

Problem:Difficult to examine major air passage of lungs using a bronchoscope.

Automatically registering CT scan data in the Bronchoscopy system

NEED Statement: An automated path planning method to enable virtual bronchoscopy on an image-guided bronchoscopy.

Beneficiary: Patient, Surgeon and assistant


  • A dynamic path for bronchoscopy is generated to navigate inside the lung
  • The system navigates the camera without probes to reach the region of interest using pre-recorder CT scan data
  • The system informs the surgeon of a presence of a lesion with a noise feedback
  • After approval of the doctor for the lesion found, the system automatically removes the camera from the channel and probe is inserted automatically in the channel for further action (like biopsy)
  • Analysing the breathing pattern of the patient the position of the bronchoscopic channel is adjusted to guide the probe for reaching a particular lesion accurately

Result: Lesser number of biopsy sample to be collected and patient can go home on the same day. Automated/supported OR without manual intervention makes operation more convenient. Automated registration software helps in path planning.

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