LapGuide™: An autonomous robot-assisted camera guidance system for laparoscopy

Problem:Poor laparoscopic positioning due to miscommunication between surgeon and assistant is an unnecessary stress factor and potential source of errors.

NEED Statement: Introduce a robotic assistant which uses a camera guidance system to track down and perform autonomous laparoscope guidance.

Beneficiary: Surgeon, Assistant surgeon

Description: LapGuide™ comprises of special features:

  • Instrument tracking - Real time color tracking using green markers at the end of the instruments
  • Foot pedal control - Locking the position of the laparoscope as well as switching the focus
  • Small size - Portable, flexible, compact and easy to set up
  • Intuitive - No required training
  • Manual control - Can manage repositioning by hand

Result: Enables better working condition with automatic camera alignment. Assistants have better communication with surgeon. Less assistants required per surgery.

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