SurgeonAssist: A helper to focus more on surgery

Problem:The current system forces a surgeon to perform numerous manual movement of the patient to get better imaging. The surgeon also needs to make frequent pauses to wait for the nurse’s assistance.

NEED Statement: An integrated tool with voice and augmented reality to provide the capability of having control through voice and visualize body path through augmented reality..

Beneficiary: Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon


  • Voice recognition commands (managing bed/ make phone call to Superior surgeon).
  • Projecting 3D models and 2D slices to patient body.
  • Sending images to make an agreement with superior surgeon.
  • Acting as a translator between patient and surgeon.


  • Send Screenshots to the senior doctor (no hassle of running out of OR).
  • Take better images by initializing the CT scanner movement.
  • Pull patient's medical records from database.
  • Helps to make projections over the patient for the estimation.
  • Helps in moving bed at optimal position.
  • Document the procedure for administrative records reducing the time spent on documentation.

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