Orthobot: A next Generation of Orthopedic Surgery

Problem:Crowded OR and unorganized tool table leads to increase in complication to perform surgery and contamination danger.

A typical Scanner Tray

NEED Statement: To organize OR in an orderly manner to reduce number of staffs required and avoid contamination risk.

Beneficiary: Surgeon, patient, circulating nurse


  • A new machine, Orthobot, which can hand necessary tools automatically.
  • It can supply sterile material needed for the surgery (e.g bandage, bone cement, etc)
  • The machine can be controlled simple buttons with a smooth surface so that they can be cleaned easily.
  • Voice control can be added as an extra option.


  • Access to required instrument faster
  • Less operation time required
  • No mess on the instrument table
  • Risk of mixing sterilized and non-sterilized instrument is reduced
  • Long term investment

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