SURGGLES: A lightweight microscopic glass

Problem: Surgeon has to wear microscopic lens throughout the surgery which is quite tiring as the lens is heavy. The glass needs to be fixed by nurse during the surgery which increases risk of contamination as well.

NEED Statement: Introduce a light weight microscopic glasses with an inbuilt light system and a camera to solve this problem.

Beneficiary: Surgeon, Nurse

Description: Features of SURGGLES:

  • No flipping or slipping
  • High Magnification up to 5 times the normal view
  • Real time recording and wirelessly transmitting the data
  • Source of x-ray in a flexible medium for virtual visualization of blood vessel
  • Command − focusing zooming
  • Gas Sterilize
  • Motion Sensor − Procedure documentation


  • Surgeon can work with more comfort
  • No risk of being contaminated by any external factor as no other staff needs to fix the surgeon's glass

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