Automatic draining device

Problem: Waste fluid containers have to be drained manually which requires high workload for nurse and interrupts workflow of the surgeon as the containers need to be drained up to twelve times.

NEED Statement: Build an automated draining device to drain waste during surgery.

Beneficiary: Surgeon, Circulating Nurse


  • The Automatic draining device consists of a measuring unit, a pump, two waste fluid containers and a control unit.
  • As the first container fills up and reaches a certain level the pump switches to the other container and the first container is drained.
  • Hence one container is always being filled while the other container is drained.
  • A control unit, indicated by the touch screen, interacts with the measuring unit and the pump. This control unit also acts as a user interface where the values can be read out and the pressure can be set to a certain value.


  • Quantitative monitoring of blood volume
  • Automatic draining of waste fluid
  • Automatic changing of container
  • Continuous workflow without any break

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